Barcelona Mathematics and Machine Learning Colloquium Series


Contact: Roberto Rubio

The Barcelona Mathematics and Machine Learning (b=M2L) Colloquium Series aims to bring to a general audience of mathematicians, computer scientists and interested students the interactions between mathematics and machine learning, as well as their latest developments.

What are the mathematics behind machine learning? What can machine learning do for mathematicians? Sign up to attend the 2024 colloquia, including Laurent Lafforgue , Gitta Kutyniok and Shing-Tung Yau. And check the 2023 edition to watch again the talks by Marc Lackenby, Elizabeth Munch and Jürgen Jost.

This activity is organized by the Department of Mathematics at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona with the goal of gathering the Barcelona universities and research centres with the global community. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute! Contact us.


Feb 6, 2025 We will open the b=M2L colloquium series 2025 with Charles Fefferman, sign up already if your would like to receive information and check the videos of previous talks on our Youtube channel.
Apr 18, 2024 Last talk of this year’s b=M2L colloquium series: Shing-Tung Yau, who will talk about the geometric understanding of deep learning.
Mar 11, 2024 We continue the b=M2L colloquium series 2024 with Gitta Kutyniok, who will talk about ‘Reliability of Artificial Intelligence, Chances and Challenges’.
Feb 8, 2024 The 2024 edition of the b=M2L colloquium series will be opened by Fields medalist Laurent Lafforgue, who will talk about machine learning and topos theory.
Apr 19, 2023 We will finish the 2023 b=M2L colloquium series with Jürgen Jost: Generalized curvatures and the geometry of data, abstract available!